Sunday, July 10, 2011

SAW Collections

See the film that's terrifying audiences everywhere!
See "SAW!!!"

SAW (Every puzzle has its pieces.)
SAW II (Sickly briliant and twistedly clever. Oh yes... There will be blood.)
SAW III (Suffering? You Haven't Seen Anything Yet...)

Lihat film yang menakutkan penonton everwhere!
Lihat "SAW!!!"

SAW (puzzle Setiap potongannya.)
SAW II (Orang Sakit yang cemerlang dan sangat pintar. Oh ya ... Akan ada darah..)
SAW III (Penderitaan? Anda Memiliki belum melihat apa pun ...?)

Pemain (Starring):
Danny Glover
Cary Elves
Monica Potter

Film Khusus (Movie Special For):
Dewasa (Adult Only)

Sumber (Source):
Ekalokasari Plaza
(0251) 8363.147
DVD SAW Collections
Harga Asli (The original price) Rp xx.000,-
Dijual (On sale) Rp 15.000,-

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